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Doreen Mellen's love of pure functionality comes from
background of being raised in a remote western area of
Tasmania, Australia. She lives in San Diego California with her
Husband and creates her art pieces in her "Blue House Studio".

Her passion for creating functional art to be used in everyday life,
results in each piece being unique and natural. "You just can't compare
these pieces with mass produced machine made ones....
where every item is the same". Each piece has a story, or
inspiration from Doreen's life and background.

The results are more than worth the time and effort, says Doreen,
who gains her inspiration from family, friends and travel.
She loves to share her art forms so they can be
used and appreciated in daily life.



“From the time I could hold a pencil I was always doodling. I always liked caricatures. I’ve always been fascinated with people in the street, just sitting around - capturing their personalities, creating a story around them. Wherever we went in the world, you’d always see such characters."

"When my daughters were in college in New York, I would go into the City, and wait to meet them at the corner of Macy’s to observe. One time in the winter months a bag lady invited me to stand next to her, above the street vents that blew warm air. How clever! I took her to breakfast and drew her. Everywhere you go you always find someone.”

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