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the clay is prepared, rolled, shaped, cut and then pressed into basic molds, which I have previously made. The handcrafting of each piece is completed and placed on shelves to dry throughly. Taking a week or more depending on weather. Turning constantly to avoid too much distortion.

The Kiln is stacked for the 1st firing of 8-10 hours depending on the type of clay. Then cooled for at least 12 hours, it is now Bisque. The decorating and brush glazing come next. Sometimes up to 4 coats of glaze, drying between each coat.

Next, the Kiln is stacked again for the 2nd firing. Much more difficult as pieces will stick if touching anything. Time of firing & cooling is approximately the same as the 1st firing. Each time, you open the Kiln with trepidation! hoping for success.

What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to have created something so beautiful from a piece of clay! And that's the world of ceramics... Doreen Mellen.

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