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Something Borrowed, Something Blue
by Jacqueline deMontravel. Romantic Homes, January 2007

"This artist, a bon vivant and preserver of all things classic, sparks imagination in her home. It's the type of house you walk by wondering who lives there. Tourists stop to take a picture, cars decelerate - a lot of finger pointing. The house is painted toothpaste blue, cross-stitched with white planks. Mermaid signs hang here and there in homage to the street’s name. This is a place where mermaids would live. The dweller is the next best thing, as this is the home of local Laguna Beach artist Doreen Mellen and her husband Brian.

Doreen’s works can be spotted all across town. Just a few blocks from her home, tourists and locals coo over her works at the modish shop Stylistic Intervention. Just a block further you can sip on a cappuccino at Zinc Café or pull apart a muffin over one of her plates at Anastasia, another local hot spot charming the town. It’s impossible not to relish in the humor and romance of a lifestyle that connects her family, home and art, so endemic to a woman who lives in a blue house and plays with shapes and clay all day. Her studio is located just beneath her house, in a garage that opens up to a street bustling with all the activity..."

Since 2012, our new studio is located in the Glashaus in San Diego.

Photography by Jaime Itagaki, Written & Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel.


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